All Great Change Begins first from Within

As  a metaphysical practitioner it is my honour to work with people daily to guide them to create the changes they seek in their lives. This also requires that I am accountable for my own well-being, self-love, self-care, being centered and grounded. To ensure that I am creating from an aligned space, every morning I practice gratitude to begin my day. I then create myself a Universal Sphere(R) to support myself, my business, my marriage, relationships, family and my clients. This allows me to release my ego and live my life from a heart centered, aligned space.

My name is Jeanette Hunter, I am the owner & operator of Elysium-Transformational Life Coaching 

Please allow me to share a little bit about myself. My name is Jeanette Hunter. I have been on my own spiritual journey for over 10 years.

I believe I was called to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach as I have always felt guided to help & support others.
I have always felt that I was here to do great things with my life.
I was intuitively guided to take my Life Coaching Certification with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, as it was designed to specifically work with the Universal Laws.
I have been blessed with the natural ability to see, feel & sence energy and have since I was a child.  
My decision to become a LOA Life Coach felt like a natural transition for my already universally guided life.

I look forward to meeting you, and being the guide on the journey to your masterfully created life.

Jeanette Hunter ​​

Meet Your Coach, guide & metaphysical practitioner

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Elysium-Transformational Life Coaching
Metaphysical Services & Products
Jeanette Hunter-Owner/Operator
[email protected]


My Motto:
"We don't come here to learn...we come here to remember what we've always known"-Jeanette Hunter
“When we meet ourselves & others as we are, for who we are, & where we are, We are in the Truest Space of Openness & Allowing, Expanding our energy to Heal ourselves & our Entire Earth & Universe”-Jeanette
“We are all one constant flowing stream of energetic consciousness, & that is Love”-Jeanette Hunter
“You are worthy, Simply because you Are”-Ishtara-The Universal Sphere ®
“God, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, what would you have me do?”-The Course in Miracles
My Mission:
I am honoured to be the bridge to help guide you to a more conscious, inspired life that you have the power to create.
I look forward to working with you.-Jeanette Hunter

What I stand for-Purpose-Values, Goals



Goals-Short Term

First and Foremost to be of Service.
To meet ourselves & all we encounter from a space of Love, Non-judgement, encouragement & support. We are the mirror for one another.
To hold loving space for All, Including ourselves, who choose growth, change & Transformation.
To create a community of like minded, awake, aware & conscious people how are ready to take their lives to the next level.
To teach people the Value & Importance of Being connected with their own inner power & create the awareness of their connection to their Higher Self & the Divine Universe.
To teach people about the Universal Laws so that they can become Empowered to Masterfully Design their life.
To teach people the miracle that their emotions possess & when we are responsible for our emotions & frequency, we as people can heal & in turn heal the earth & universe.

Honesty with Love, Love Unconditionally, Trust i the Self, others & in our Universe, Sincerity, Compassion & Empathy, Faith & Belief, Joy & Laughter & Gratitude.
Speak honestly from your heart
Love yourself, others, & the earth unconditionally
Trust that you & everything are perfect & everything is unfolding in Divine Time
Sincerity, Compassion & Empathy are the Three keys to Being & Honouring Your Authentic Self & thus are emanating to other so that they too can shine as their Authentic selves.
Faith & Belief are partners of the Best kind with all this we can envision, feel & know that All things are possible for you to create, be do or have.
Joy & Laughter connect us all to or inner child & innocence, this is fundamental in thriving as Spiritual Beings having a human experience.
Gratitude above All else IS the most impactful & powerful way to instantly change your emotional frequency, to one of a higher vibrational frequency & a space where you can most powerfully manifest & create your life.

Over the next year 2018-2019 (Fall)
Continue to expand on my Universal Sphere ® teachings & implement it into my life, my practice & business.
Learn more about the Akashic records, & Access Consciousness, become certified in Meditation.
Connect with future clients/customers & gain clarity as to how I can most effectively be of service (win/win for all)
Continue to build strong loving foundations with current clients & customers that
Are built of love, trust, honesty & integrity.
Learn, learn, learn-expand my knowledge & awareness, share it, & implement into my business.
Focus- On Creating Loving Experiences, workshops, classes, events, programs that are created to allow a space for people to know & trust what is right for them and are aligned to my goals, mission, values & purpose.

Goals-Long Term

Create Consistency & Depth within all Aspects of my Business
Teach all my programs, with with schools, youth groups, on line all around the world, develop a permanent space(s) for services, products, events & classes to be provided.
Manifest Abundance & Prosperity to Elevate Elysium-TLC & Allow me to invest more into all aspects of the business, myself, my clients & customers.
Over the next ten Years 2024-2034
Choose a piece of land in Hawaii to build our wellness retreat and begin to build our future dream to share with the world.
Retire together in Hawaii and watch as our wellness retreat blossoms and grows and bring people together from all over the world to heal, grow & inspire each person they meet.

We all Have Purpose, 
We All Matter,
We are All Worthy!
Because We Are.
No one is coming to Save Us...Its Up to Us to Save Ourselves, How Awesome is That?
Join me on my Journey
I invite you to join me on my ever shifting journey as a human Being having a human Experience and a Spriritaul Being having a human Experience. After all we are both Human & Divine, and I am always in search of ways to balance the two and more often live from the space of my higher self. 
I love to teach and it has come to me rather organically, and since I began to shift into this new aspect I have felt a deeper calling to share as much as possible with all who are ready, willing and open to receive the information.
Through my journey on You Tube Lives/videos & FB Lives, I began to share many different facets of what it is that I practice & implement as a life coach, mentor, guide to create calm, balance, peace & ease in my life.
Through my series called
"The Empowerment Sessions", I co-host many wonderful pratitioners  who share real world practical techniques & practices  that we can all implement into our daily lives to create the ripple effect of change that we desire.
We are all a Beautiful Work in Progress my Friends & that Is Fantastic.
So have some Fun & Enjoy the Ride!!
You can join me on You Tube Here>


My Beautiful Friends I want you to know that we all experience bad days, none of us are expempt. We experience Highs, and LOWS, and all the gunk in between.....and that is perfect.....you are not meant to BE Perfect, that is a limiting human perspective we have adopted and it is crated Stress, Anxiety & OCD.
Before I move on I want to simply take a moment to shift your persepective to a Universal One-
You Already Are Perfect! 
You Beautiful Souls were created from Divine Loving Energy and that by defaul makes you perfect.
I encourage you to let go of things that make you feel less than, things that make you feel unworthy, and thing that simply drain your energy and suck the life out of you. 
You are not meant to struggle constantly.
You were not brought here to work hard, retire and then die. That is not your purpose.

I know that you are immeditately thinking what the heck does this chick know........and I hear that.
Let me shed some light & clairity on this.

These types of limitations will steal your Joy, and create repeated patterns of frustration, anger, resentment, additive patterns & behaviours, health problems and everything in between. 
That is due to living our lives out of alignment & in a constant state of dis-ease.....
Do you find yourself more often then not Anxious, Depressed, Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Reactive....
If so please read on....

It took me into my mid 30's to realize that I was living my life full of toxicity and quite frankly Bullshit repeated patterns that I was friggen sick of!!

Something had to give & it was ME.
I didn't clearly know what I needed to do to change, but what I knew most prominently was that I could no longer live feeling like a volcano was about to errupt within me at every given second.

It took me deciding that it was time to change to actually start to see the early shifts, and as I began to consistently implement more & more change, letting go of the Old Programming & Gunk that my life truly began to change for the absolute better. 
That was because I finally became aware that I was worthy of something better for my life, my health, and complete well-being. I begn to understand what it meant to actually love & respect myself. That was HUGE!!
I am as I said earlier a constant work in progress and have been doing so for over ten years, you may ask what do I need to still work at it if I have at it for so long.......
Great Question......and here is why, because I am worth it, and everyday that I choose to do my inner work life becomes easier & less resistant. I am happy, I have so much to be grateful for, my health is in a great space, my mental clarity & well-being are phenominal and I have a fantastic relationship with my higher self. 
These choices have opened doors to be more of my authentic self, to develop my inate Universal Gifts, and be at Peace within myself. 
I can feel pride and ego has nothing to do with it.
I can feel achievements and know that I trusted my intuition, guides & the Universe to bring this all together. 

If you resonate with what I have shared, pehaps its your time to create the shifts in your life that you have been in search of.

Sending you much love & Universal Spher(R) Energy 
Jeanette Hunter
Life coach, guide, mentor, & metaphysical practitioner
One on One Life Coaching-
Each Session Includes: Working one on one with myself, through the implementation of Law of Attraction processes, techniques and tools.
Through this one on one connection with clients, I help to guide my clients to create the shifts in their live's that they are open and ready to create for themselves.
As well each session is infused with the addition of a Universal Sphere® Service
(A $65.00 bonus, when requested)

  Life Coaching Packages -
 Investing in Life Coaching is a Valuable Investment in Self Care & Well-being. 
Investment Options-
Package #1- 3 Month 1 on 1 Life Coaching $1,620.00
Package #2- 6 Month 1 on 1 Life Coaching $3,240.00
Please be sure to check with your Employers Benefits Program-Under Health and Wellness as some Benefits Packages may reimburse for Life Coaching.
Reciepts may be provided upon request. 

Please Note: All Life coaching and services/sessions require payments to be paid in full prior to your session. Payment options are as follows-Cash in person, Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal to paypal.me/JeanetteHunter9.
Credit & Debit card payment options are limited to inhouse purchases.
Thank you. 

Modality Services Offered-

The Universal Sphere® Session-$75.00 per service
A 45-60 minute session, (This service can be performed in person or distance)
In person US session are provided at my Home Office-1202-12th St. Cold Lake, AB
To Book-Text to 780 815 1522 or [email protected]

"The Mystic Oracle"-$100.00 
A 60-90 minute service-Includes a Universal Sphere® session, and an Oracle Card Reading with the deck of your choice.
This service can be provided in person, or Via Zoom, Skype, or FB video. To book please see the above contact information.

One on One Guided Meditation Session-$45.00
Each session is 30-45 minute session.

Wedding Officicant with All Seasons Weddings-
Fee's are determined by All Seasons Weddings. To learn more search:

Youth Empowerment Program-$300.00 
Created by Jeanette Hunter
10 week program-$30.00/class/participant
This coaching program can also be conducted One on One in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.
Each session runs 1.5-2 hrs in length

Author of Seasons of Joy -
Soft cover copy $20.00

 " The 40 Day Self Love" Program -$130.00 hard copy option, $115.00 Electronic copy option.
Created by Jeanette Hunter
This is a Self Guided/Directed program
Included in this program-a workbook provided by hard copy version or
E-version copy, also included the 40 Day Self-Love Mediation recording tosupport  you on your Self-Love journey. 
This program also invludes  a weekly distnace Universal Sphere® to add additional support on your journey.
( A $375.00 bonus) 

"Masterfully Desing Your Ideal Life, Marriage & Relationships"
Program- $900.00/couple
Created by Jeanette Hunter
Taught via Zoom or in person 
9 Class Program-includes the 40 Day Self-Love E-version copy (work book for program) 

Couples Coaching & Meditation Sessions-$65.00/couple
90 min-2 Hrs session 

Uniquely You Session-$140.00
30 min Coaching, 30 min meditation, 30 min Universal Sphere(R)

"The Self-Love Project & Journey One Day Workshop"


Additional Tools to support you on your journey

Metaphysical Shop-On Face Book-
Link provided below-

In my metaphysical shop I offer a wide vaiety of crystals, crystal  support/remedy pouches crystal bracelets, crystal mala's.
 Incense & holders, white sage, crystal room sprays, books, a custom created line of essential oil roller blends, singing bowls, full moon bath salts,bath salts,oracle cards 

'The 40 Day Self Love" Oracle Cards-$30.00/deck
Created by Jeanette Hunter

Additional Life Coaching Program Availble:
The Below Programs can be Taugh in person or via Zoom:
-Abundance 40 day Program $275.00
-Magentising & Manifesting Program $255.00
-Masterfull Creating the Life You Desire Program $275.00
-Creating Your Ideal Body Program $285.00
These Programs can also be facilitated in a one on one coaching option, in person or via Zoom

The Below Programs are self-directed programs:
-Law of Attraction Seminar-How to attract anyone or anything into your experience $100.00
-Creating a Soul Relationship Program $255.00
-Attracting Your Ideal Partner Progam $255.00

 I have available a beautiful line of Crystal Jewelry that is available through my FB Business Shop Page,(please see link above) to support you on your journey.
"Elysium-Crystal Creations"
I carry a wide array of crystal Mala's and crystal bracelets available for purchase. These items can also be viewed in person at my home office 1202-13th St Cold Lake,AB. Shipping can be arranged for those who live out of town.
Payment Options & information-
Electonic Funds Transfer [email protected]
I also have available for onsite purchases-Square (Debit/Credit)
for purchase made at our home office.

For any inquiries please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Thank you and have a beautiful day, Jeanette
Life Coaching
Universal Sphere® Practitioner

Seasons of Joy

Certified law of Attraction Life Coach

Certified Universal Sphere® Practitioner Services​​

Please allow me to share a little bit about myself. My name is Jeanette Hunter. I have been on my own spiritual journey for almost 10 years. My journey began when I was called to write and create my own column “Spreading Joy.” From this column I created and published two books, my latest book “Seasons of Joy” was released in December 2014.
  "You will become swiftly swept up into this eloquent personal perspective of my month-to-month, seasonal exploration into my spiritual enlightenment and growth. Through humor and pinnacle "Aha" moments, I find myself yearing to continue on my path of discovering my true divine self. My journey has brought me a sense of awareness and wakefullness, throughout my whole entire being. I feel I am finally on the cusp of fully comprehending just how marvelous this journey is, as a spiritual being having a human experience."

To purchase your own copy, please feel free to contact me to set up a time to connect.
  ​I believe I was called to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach as I have always felt guided to help & support others. I have always felt that I was here to do great things with my life. I was intuitively guided to take this specific course as it was created to specifically work with the Universal Laws. I have been blessed with the natural ability to see and feel energy and have for most of my life, this choice to become a LOA Life Coach felt like a natural transition for my already guided life.
  To learn more please feel free to contact me to set up a time to connect.

I look forward to connecting with you. 
The Universal Sphere® – What is it? It is an energetic experience that is easy to learn, easy to do for yourself and others. It is a tool to show you the ease of the new paradigm you are moving towards in your near future. It is part of what is available now to assist us to connect more with your divine nature.
The Universal Sphere® – How Can It Help You? The Universal Sphere allows you to live more from your heart than from your head. It contains the potential for change, transformation, peace, healing, understanding and release. It has an impact on your human form on every single level at which it exists: your physical body, all the way down to the very essential particles within your body and then extending on beyond that to the energetic realms, the realms beyond which your five senses exist.

To book your session today please feel free to contact me by email.
​I look forward to being of service.

Enjoy this Complimentary Meditation......
Why Meditation???
Great Question, let's explore that!

People used to ask me quite regularily.....Why is it so important for me to take time every day to meditate? Id you are a person who has not explored meditation a better question you may need to explore asking yourself is why do you feel you are not worthy of taking the even 15 minutes a day to improve your mental, physical and spiritail well-being.
Meditation is not exclusive to people such as Buddhist monks, Guru's. Meditation Masters, Business people.....it is for everyone, and I mean everyone. I have taught meditation to people of ranging ages as young as 5 to 70, and they were mostly all new to it. Once we had worked together they all continued to implement some form of meditation into their lives, even the super crazy, over booked busy people found that time to meditation, and that was due to the astounding results they all uniquley experienced when then consistently meditated. 
Meditation allows us to slow down our perpetula over thinking monkey mind, and bring us back to our breath and the present moment. In the present moment we can find peace, ease, grace and clarity.
It difuses stressful situations much faster when we are living more often from a present state of mind.
It allows us to handle every day stresses with ease so that we can catch ourselves when we are over thinking, multi tasking, and creating states of overwhelm. 
It hold us accountable to our own health, well-being and peace of mind by bringins us back to our breath. 
Plain and Simple a daily practice of Meditation, Mindfullness, Expressions of Gratitude and any other wonderful modalities that you feel connected to are the powerful Keys to resoring your connection to your own inner happiness, success, satisfaction, growth & expansion.
If you are still asking why, better yet ask yourself 

Enjoy the Following Complimentary Meditation, and if you wish to explore this further feel free to reach out to me [email protected]

And befoer you leave I want you to Remember.......

That even when you feel like you are facing the dark night of the soul, and all hope seems out of reach that this too shall pass, this is only temporary.
Remember that we always have free will and choice in any given situation, we can either decide to allow our challenges to block us, or even define us, OR we can choose a better feeling thought & action. 
We can choose to be Quiet, Patient and Still and allow for the darkness to pass, and embrace the dawn of a new day, wait for the storm to pass and witness another miracle such as a rainbow and all of that is because you are worth it.
You dear one are worth investing in, you are worth the changes that you seek, you are worth the peace, inner & outer well-being, you are worth it all.
You are Loved, 


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